COVID-19 Update 14-01-2021

A zoom meeting with the Heads of the masonic orders in Scotland was held on Wed 13th January . Subsequent to this meeting I with the other DGPs of Scotland,The Most Eminent and Reverend Grand Master and his Commissioned Officers took part in a zoom meeting on the evening of Jan 13th. in order that the Grand Master could give us an update on what had transpired. It has been decide that in the present Covid 19 situation, masonic meetings will continue to be suspended. A further Heads of Orders zoom meeting has been scheduled for the 9th of June 2021 to once again asses the situation, unless their is some kind of major change in the Covid picture, a Silver bullet was one expression used which would allow a reassessment of the situation. Most Ftrs are of the opinion that this is unlikely to happen.
Two other items of information for Ftrs. There will be no Kalendar printed for this year 2020- 2021 but Great Priory expect that if all goes well later in the year, that one will be printed for 2021-2022.
Also Great Priory have sent their books to be audited ,and when these have been returned , The Most Em.and Rev Gr. Master will call a Grand Masters Council Meeting.
Finally Ftrs it is my sad duty to report to you that in the year 2020 up to mid December we as a district lost 10 well known and well loved Ftrs. and I am sure like myself your thoughts and sincere condolences are with their families.
Yours in the bonds of this Christian and Knightly Order.
Edward F. Lawless
Rt.Em. DGP of Ayrshire.

Christmas Message from DGP Eddie
Dear Ftrs all
May I as your District Grand Prior extend to you my most sincere Christmas wishes . This has been the most terrible of years. So I can think of no better occasion than the celebration of the birth of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to look for hope of a brighter future, which I am sure is coming. We have been unable to meet now for the best part of a year, and my thoughts have been with you and your families throughout these most trying times, more especially at this festive period and as I have said previously we can only hope for a better 2021 which God willing will come to pass.
Ftrs I wish you a Merry Christmas and a most safe and happy New Year in 2021

Edward F. Lawless

Rt.Em District Grand Prior of Ayrshire

District Grand Prior Eddie and District Grand Seneschal Jim made their annual Christmas trip to the children's ward at Crosshouse Hospital 2020.



COVID-19 Update 10-12-2020

A zoom meeting will take place on January 13th 2021 with the "Heads of Orders" to discus the Covid-19 situation. Later that day the Most Em. & Rev. Grand Master will hold a zoom meeting with his District Grand Priors to review this.




Due to Covid restrictions the draw will now take

place in the New Year when conditions permit.



COVID-19 Update 11-08-2020

Dear Ftrs.

Christian greetings.

Following a zoom meeting on the evening of Monday the 10th of August with The Most Eminent and Reverend Grand Master and the other DGP's of the Great Priory of Scotland. It was decided, in accordance with the recommendations/proposals of the Grand Lodge of Scotland that The Great Priory of Scotland should continue with the suspension of musters /meetings until January 2021.

It was agreed, that as in the other orders all officers will remain in their current posts until such times as formal and correct nominations and installations can safely take place. Further zoom meetings are scheduled to take place in the coming months and the situation will be kept under constant review.

In closing Ftrs. May God bless you and please keep yourself and your families safe.

Yours Knightly and Fraternally

Rt.Em.Ftr. Edward F. Lawless

DGP of Ayrshire.



Message from District Grand Prior Edward Lawless 12th July 2020

Knightly, Christian & Fraternal greetings to all the ftrs of The District Grand Priory of Ayrshire.

Fellow Knights the past 4 months have been absolutely horrendous for us all, as we continue to try to cope with life as best we can under the scourge of this terrible pandemic.

As at the time of writing this short message I personally have had no phone calls, texts or emails advising me of any ftrs who have succumbed to this terrible virus. Although I would like to hope that if any such tragedy had befallen any ftr. then either myself or the Dist.Grand Secy would have been informed. So I prefer to be positive and optimistic and continue to hope that we are all still well.
I have unfortunately though been informed of the passing of family members of ftrs of the district over the past 3-4 months and I offered my sincere condolences on each of these sad occasion both as a friend and where applicable as the District Grand Prior.

Ftrs as at the time of writing this, as far as I know we are still in the suspension situation until least.
Great Priory is in the same situation as all the other orders nothing can be done until there is a major change in the easing of distancing regulations and personally I canít see that happening in the near future. The very nature of how our musters are carried out indeed how all Masonic meetings are conducted and the difficulties in delivering grades or degrees or whatever is going to prove, if not insurmountable then at least very problematical.

I received an email 24th of last month from Grand Secy. Asking if I had the ability to attend electronic communications via zoom. Unfortunately Iím not on zoom and despite several attempts to install it these have all resulted in failure. So if there are zoom communications Iím afraid Iím in the dark.
On a lighter note. It was a pity we had to cancel all our sporting events but restrictions on all the activities have been eased so we can at least get back out to the fishing, golf and bowling albeit in a somewhat restricted manner in golf and bowls.

Ftrs I said at the start this was just a short message of support and best wishes and perhaps a little indication of my own thoughts on the situation we are in.

So Ftrs All I can ask is that you look after yourselves and your own, keep safe and especially in these trying times maintain your Christian principals.

Yours Knightly and Fraternally
Rt Em DGP Edward F. Lawless



On completion of his 5 year term in office District Grand Prior Sam approved these 5x £1,000.00 donations from the District Grand Priors Charity Fund.

The James McFarland School in Ardrossan



North Ayrshire Cancer Care



"Beautiful Inside and Out" a Bereavement Support Service




Troon Branch of the Fisherman's Mission


Kyle Stroke Group



Previous donations were -

Ven.Fr. William Kirkpatrick had the pleasure to present to the Clyde Coast M.S. Therapy Centre a substantial Donation on behalf of the Rt. Em. District Grand Prior Samuel Dickson and all the Fratres of the District Grand Priory of Ayrshire. The centre was very grateful for the donation and said that they were most thankful to the Fratres of Ayrshire for the large donation.
Photo shows the inside of the hypobaric chamber with Ven.Fr. William Kirkpatrick with Dave Fleming and Emma of C.C.M.S.C.

District Grand Prior Sam presents cheque to "Soldiers Off The Street" founder member  Bro. Hammy and Brian Gibson P.M.320 project manager.


V.Em.Fr George Dickie presenting the cheque to the 1st Alloway Boys Brigade.



District News

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