Sat 7th May MacKean Bowling Tournament

Once again, the Fratres of Ayrshire made the annual pilgrimage to Springside Bowling Club to take part in the 87th playing of the MacKean Trophy.

On A lovely sunny May Day the Fratres were welcomed to Springside by Secretary Sandy Neill who then handed the green over to District Grand Prior Eddie Lawless who thanked Sandy for his welcome. D.G.P. Eddie welcomed the Fratres of Ayrshire and wished all a most enjoyable day after which he raised our Banner
It proved a true saying The Sun Shines on the Righteous. 5 Preceptories were represented by full rinks from Loudoun, Moira Union, Cunningham Preceptories and 2 rinks made up from Fratres from Crosbie, Hurlford, Brisbane and Garnock Vale and I thank everyone for making the effort to get a team entered.
After a photo shoot the teams contested a round robin tournament of 4 games with 5 ends per game with a wee bit cheese and a dram or two between games with Cunningham coming out winners and Moira Union runners up

After grace, the ladies once again excelled themselves by serving a delicious three course meal, after which D G Prior Eddie presented The MacKean Bowling Trophy to Cunningham and the runner’s up prize to Moira Union
Then it’s raffle time and on behalf of DGP Eddie I thank all Preceptories and individuals who donated prizes. Thanks also to my trusty Raffle seller Alex Taggart who relieved the Fratres and the kitchen ladies of £104 which will go to the D.G.Prior Eddie’s charity fund. And a thanks to Jim Dobbie for delivering the raffle winner’s prize’s to their table’s
D.G.P.Eddie brought the day to an end by lowering our Banner and handing the green back to Springside thanking the kitchen ladies and bar staff for their hospitality
D.G.P Eddie then thanked Frater Donald Frost for organising the day and Frater Alex and Jim for their efforts in the raffle
D.G.Prior Eddie concluded by wishing everyone a safe journey home.

Fratres, after a hard 2 years break with the covid virus it was nice to see 5 teams taking part today made up of 7 preceptories and hopefully we get back to a full compliment of teams next year.
I would like to thank all Fratres that took part today and look forward to seeing you all next year.

Donald Frost
Bowling Organiser

18/02/2022 Update

Just an update on District info. especially for those ftrs. who have been unable to attend musters for whatever reason. These are the preceptories who have musters scheduled for the remainder of February, Moira Union 21st Temple grade; Hurlford 24th Business muster and Loudon Castle 26th Business muster.

Crosbie on the 1st, Garnock Vale on the 12th, and Hurlford on the 24th.

Cunningham,[ Pilgrim &Esquire]; Brisbane at Largs and Ayr are also having musters, their secy's can be contacted to establish what they are doing.

Cunningham on the 6th; Brisbane at Largs on the 7th; Loudon Castle on the 23rd . Muirkirk have secured premises again back in the hotel where they were prior to shutdown which is great news. Unfortunately they can't get access until April. Therefore their first muster will be on the 23rd and it has still to be established for definite with the Preceptor and secy whether or not they will be ready in such short a time scale to carry out grade work for a district visit. Ayr's district visit is scheduled for the 26th and hopefully they will both be able to carry out some gradework and be able to host a District Visit.

Other news I have at present is that the bowls organiser Donald Frost of Hurlford has managed to book Saturday the 7th of May at Springside bowling club for the district bowling competition.
The annual Divine Service has been arranged with the the Rev. David Cameron and the session clerk of New Laigh Kirk for June the 5th.

Yours Knightly and Fraternally
Rt. Em Ftr Edward F. Lawless
District Grand Prior of Ayrshire

District Grand Prior Eddie and District Grand Seneschal Jim made their annual Christmas trip to the children's ward at Crosshouse Hospital 2021.


Lisalanna Donation

Immediate Past District Grand Prior Sam with District Grand Prior Eddie present Sam's Great Priory cheque for £500 to Lisalanna.


At last some good news with an excellent report from Ven.Fr. Stuart Hamilton. Well done to him and Ven.Fr. Willie Dykes for managing to organise the competition in this difficult time.

Ayrshire District Fishing Competition 17th Oct. 2021
McBlain Trophy

The competition took place at Burns Fishery, Tarbolton, with 13 anglers taking part.
Fishing began at 9am, and the big hand had barely left the hour mark when Frt Davy Kirk hooked into the first fish!!!!! Frt Billy Boe wasn’t far behind. Reigning champion Frt Stuart Hamilton was stuck in the middle of them, watching the two fratres go tit for tat, while he himself couldn’t even have told you what a fish looked like, let alone catch one.
Elsewhere around the lake fish were being caught. Frt Dave Penny quietly picked off the trout as he began to fill his bag, while Frt Bill Dykes started catching much LESS quietly.
By now Frt Davy Kirk has caught his four fish and was on the way to the weigh in. Closely followed by Billy Boe, and then Dave Penny. As mid day approached every angler has a fish in the bag……except Stuart Hamilton.
Into the afternoon session and Frt Craig Hamilton was amongst the fish even taking time to ‘showboat’, Frt Craig waited on the arrival of the REDGP before he hooked into the fish of the day! Revelling in the battle he managed to land a 4lb beauty in front of the ‘boss’.
The visitors were picking up good fish and as the afternoon reached the last hour, the reigning champion kicked into high gear. In a flurry of action he landed 2 and dropped 4, missing a further few fish. It was all too little too late. The whistle blew, and the weigh in told the tale.
33 fish had been landed and no one had blanked. Tension mounted awaiting the results.
Craig Hamilton was the runaway winner of heaviest fish with one at 4lb!!!!!!!
Tam Boyle took the visitors prize with a bag of 3 fish for 6lb 15oz.
And so to the main event the DGPA championship……and unsurprising it was the three heavyweights in contention….Kirk, Boe and Penny!!!!!
But who would conquer all……the weights were in and the returning office declared the result…..
3rd……Frt Dave Penny with 4 fish for 8lb 2oz
2nd…..Frt Davy Kirk with 4 fish just ONE ounce heavier at 8lb 3oz
And the winner, and again, champion of the DGPA, the all conquering master and salt of the earth, Frt Billy Boe!!!!! 4 fish for 8lb 9oz. A worthy champion!!!!!!

And so the day ended with a vote of thanks to the fishery and everyone drifted home with tales of the one that got away….except Billy Boe who went away with trophies, the claret jug and a full bottle of the good stuff.


On completion of his 5 year term in office District Grand Prior Sam approved these 5x £1,000.00 donations from the District Grand Priors Charity Fund.

The James McFarland School in Ardrossan



North Ayrshire Cancer Care



"Beautiful Inside and Out" a Bereavement Support Service




Troon Branch of the Fisherman's Mission


Kyle Stroke Group



Previous donations were -

Ven.Fr. William Kirkpatrick had the pleasure to present to the Clyde Coast M.S. Therapy Centre a substantial Donation on behalf of the Rt. Em. District Grand Prior Samuel Dickson and all the Fratres of the District Grand Priory of Ayrshire. The centre was very grateful for the donation and said that they were most thankful to the Fratres of Ayrshire for the large donation.
Photo shows the inside of the hypobaric chamber with Ven.Fr. William Kirkpatrick with Dave Fleming and Emma of C.C.M.S.C.

District Grand Prior Sam presents cheque to "Soldiers Off The Street" founder member  Bro. Hammy and Brian Gibson P.M.320 project manager.


V.Em.Fr George Dickie presenting the cheque to the 1st Alloway Boys Brigade.



District News

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